We take safeguarding extremely seriously. We therefore have a number of processes in place to keep everyone safe and are working with Community Action Network.

First contact your neighbours

First and foremost, we are encouraging everyone to directly make contact with their immediate neighbours and support each other outside of this support group.

We have a letter template that you can download here

Please note that volunteers who do this may not be vetted. It is great to encourage community spirit in your neighbourhood, but if at any stage you don’t feel safe accepting help from a neighbour, please contact us instead. If you are concerned about the safety of a vulnerable neighbour or person that you know you can contact BCP Council Adult Social Care on 01202 633902

Keep your details private

For those who have not had contact with neighbours and contact us needing support, please contact us privately and do not give out your details via public social media.

Register for support

We have a support form here that you can use. We are operating a cashless system where we are working with local businesses to offer ordering and payment via the phone, so no money will exchange hands between yourself and volunteers.

Maintain social distancing

For everyone, we are asking that the most up to date guidelines, legislation and regulations are followed from Public Health England, the government and the World Health Organisation. Please ensure shopping is left outside the house and keep 2m apart at all times to ensure that no germs are spread as people can be infected with the virus but showing no symptoms. Please also follow the basic hygiene instructions, with frequent hand washing and good practice of hygiene.

Passworded contact with your helper

If necessary for the person requiring support, we will provide both yourself and the person needing a support a “password” for each visit/delivery, in case of any concerns of identity, if there is any contact.

Thank you.

To volunteer, please complete the following process:

  • Safeguarding

    Read the safeguarding guidelines in the boxes below.

  • Endorsements

    Find 2 endorsers and ask them if they are willing to provide references for you. Ask people you work or volunteer with if you can, but we will accept friends as long as they know you personally – not just through Social Media.

  • Complete the form

    Complete our Volunteer Form, (button below) sign and submit it. This will automatically email your endorsers with a link to our reference form.

  • References?

    Check your endorsers have received the form and encourage them to fill it in and return it to If they have not:

  • ID Check

    ID check – when we have your references, our volunteer co-ordinator will ask to see your ID and DBS if you have one. This will be done by messenger video. If we already have enough volunteers we may contact you to say you are on our list, and we will let you know when we need you.

  • Welcome

    Following this you will be added to the messenger groups where you can volunteer for specific tasks as they are needed.